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Got Mai’s DNA Results!

January 13, 2012

Here they are:

Mai's Population Finder Results

Man, she makes my results seem very boring.

For the most part this is pretty typical of a Nicaraguan. What really threw us for a loop was the high % of Finnish/Russian (or the fact that it’s there at all) and the lack of Spanish.

I asked Dr. McDonald to look further into these results and he said the Finnish/Russian is bogus:

As to the eastern European … that frequently happens with strongly Mayan people, and simply is an oddball artifact of the program and the particular data set. FTDNA uses an earlier version of my program, that has this problem worse than the current version whose results I send here…

Spain= 47.2%   Jewish= 12.4%    Maya= 36.6% Mandenka= 3.8%

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  1. Mariano permalink
    April 6, 2013 6:02 pm

    The reason you got Finnish/Russian results was because the Spaniards are a mix of people from all over Europe (Visigoths, Vandals, Suebi, Celts, Iberians) It seems that most of your Spanish ancestors descended from the Visigoths who originated in Finland and Sweden and from the Suebi people who arrived in Spain before and originated in modern day Baltic lands/Russia. Which means your Spanish ancestors came from Galicia and other parts of Spain since the Suebi settled in Galicia and the Visigoths who settled all over Spain.

    I’m from El Salvador and my Spanish side technically descends from almost every ethnic group that settled in Spain, I got Celtic, Iberian, Suebi, Visigoth, Vandal and North African. (Except Jewish). It explains why you have West and South African blood since many enslaved Africans arrived to Nicaragua, unlike me who has 0 West African because rarely any Blacks settled in El Salvador but I got a lot of Maya in me and proud of it.

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