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My grand uncle, Pablo Hernandez

April 11, 2012

Pablo Hernandez Montes de Oca in the center of the photo.

My cousin, Ada, came across the website,, that mentions our grand uncle, Pablo Hernandez Montes de Oca. Who was Mayor of Santa Ana de Cidra, Matanzas, Cuba in the 40s. Here’s an English version of the write up on him (Thank you, Grisel, for the quick translation.):

The current (1942) Municipal Mayor of Santa Ana de Cidra, Mr. Pablo Hernández Montes de Oca, was born in this same town in 1903. He is married to the distinguished Mrs. Viviana García Ávila, with whom he has a son named Guillermo.

Mr. Hernández is one of the most prominent figures of true liberalism in the Matanzas Province. He is the First Vice-President of the Party and member of the National Assembly.

He was first elected mayor by the Liberal Party in 1936, and then again in July 1940. Many public works were completed under his administration, such as the reconstruction of Matadero, the Eladio García Park, as well as road construction and repair works, including Betancourt and Antonio Maceo streets. He is currently working on a project to repair the road to Santa Ana (4 ½ Kms) where the greatest portion of the Término territory is located.

Municipal funding has increased under his administration, and although his budget is as small as $6,600 the city is current in all payments without incurring debts. This has been possible thanks to the efficient administration of the Mayor and his collaborators, the Secretary of Administration Mr. Jose Antonio Ramirez, and the Treasurer, Rodolfo Perez Bacallao.

Mr. Hernández, the current Mayor, was previously the Chief of Police of Término for four years, and his job as such was admirable, mainly because he was a just and understanding.

There’s also mention of my other grand uncle, Liberato “Quillo” Hernandez Montes de Oca and his business, a bus line from Matanzas to Bolondrón . I’ve sent them a photo so they can update their site. Man, this was a great find, Ada!

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