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My Dad’s Family Finder Results

November 5, 2012


So basically, it’s a lot like mine only with a bit more European and a little less North African, which seems to be the norm for my family, a Spanish/Guanche mix. Here’s Dr. McDonald’s “most likely” breakdown of my dad’s raw data:

French 24.04%        Spain 46.13%       Jewish 16.43%     Moroccan 13.40%

I was a bit surprised by the Jewish percentage, not because I didn’t think I didn’t have any Jewish genetics, in fact the Montes de Oca line (in Gran Canaria) are considered to be a Jewish-Converso family, but because it wasn’t detected in me and I figured it wouldn’t be detected in my Dad.

Update: My Dad’s mt haplogroup came in as H, which doesn’t say much because that’s the most common mt haplogroup in Europe.

Interestingly enough, I got a bunch of matches that I don’t have, probably because they land on the 50% that I didn’t inherit for my dad. And some of those are Canary Islander descendants from Louisiana. I look forward to hearing from them and trying to figure out how our families intersect.

Here are my results for comparison:


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  1. Pauleen permalink
    April 16, 2014 4:23 am

    Hi. Congrats on your blog! Really informative. I got similar DNA results as Mai’s. I’m Mexican but came out 35% russian 40% maya, 20% mozabite and 10% Stanislava, truecan, french. Russian is odd. Whois is dr. McDonald? Id like to check further. Thanks

    • April 16, 2014 10:37 am

      Hi Pauleen. Dr. McDonald is a scientist that developed the Population Finder test and he also allows people to send him the raw data and he analyzes it for them at a higher resolution. If you Gogle Dr. Doug McDonald you should find him. About the Russian/Finish result in Central Americans, new evidence has has been uncovered that all Native Americans have some percentage of North European ancestry (i.e. Finish/Russian) that comes from the last Ice Age when they were crossing the Bering Strait. I’ve asked Dr. McDonald and he said that Russian/Finish is ancient and probably part of the Native American percentage. Here’s the article:

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